#Martlets36Days: Karen, our Catering Manager

Karen has over thirty years of experience in the catering industry, having worked in hotels and the care sector and even on an oil tanker for the merchant navy.  She really understands the importance of delicious food in lifting the spirits and has found her last three and a half years working for Martlets to be especially rewarding. 

The catering team at Martlets work their usual 7 am to 7 pm shifts over Christmas Day and Boxing Day to conjure up three courses of fantastic festive fare on both days for the patients and their families.

“Food is a big part of Christmas, we spoil the patients. We treat them all like family members and make sure that they have the most wonderful lunches and suppers, all prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients.

People often joke that the food here is like that you’d find in a 5-star hotel, but we really take a pride in what we do and believe that it’s as good as you’d find in a restaurant.

Treating our patients to their favourite food is important to us so the Christmas menus include turkey with all the trimmings, salmon fillet with hollandaise sauce, Christmas pudding, mince pies and lots of lovely homemade cakes. 

It’s all served on prettily decorated trays with crackers and festive paper to make it a really special and memorable Christmas for everyone. 

Families sometimes pop by the kitchen to say thank you. We understand how hard it must be for them and just do our best to make things as nice as we can.

They deserve it.”