We Are Hospice Care: Cynthia

Cynthia shares why she is proud to work for Martlets this Hospice Care week. 

“I have always had a passion for working with people in difficulty; especially those needing end-of-life care because I really want to help them.

Martlets has made me who I am. The hospice has helped me to develop both personally and professionally; I arrived as a cleaner, became a care assistant and now I’m a senior auxiliary nurse. With another two years of study, I could become a registered nurse and that’s something I’m seriously considering doing.

It’s a special place and I find it such rewarding work; I go home knowing that I’ve done something good and helped someone to have a better day.

The patients’ wishes always come first, we’ve had people admitted with their pets because they can’t be separated from them; so we sometimes look after their animals too.

Recently we had a lady whose last wish was to go to her child’s birthday party, but she was too poorly to make the journey home. So, we brought the party to her, decorating a room and making it look beautiful to make sure that she could be there. It’s a sad thing to think about, but actually, the family now has some happy memories of her last few days.

Our care goes beyond our patients; we look after their families too by allowing them to be with their loved ones for as much as they wish. We have two family rooms, so they can move in and be there day and night with their loved ones. We also look after them beyond bereavement, supporting families for some time until we know they are back on their feet.

Martlets really is a wonderful place to work and I truly love my job here.”

Cynthia has worked for Martlets hospice for more than ten years and is proud to have recently successfully completed a Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care.

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