Snow Puppy ‘Basley’ gets a splash of paint

‘Basley’ is one of our first snow puppies to get his unique coat. Pupils from Chailey Heritage School, a school for children with complex disabilities, unleashed their creativity as they pelted the pooch with paint filled syringes.

‘Basley’, was taken to the school on by Kristy Adams, of Parsons Son and Basley, the official Snowdogs by the Sea auctioneers.

Speaking about the project Kirsty said: “This was about allowing the students a chance to be independent and art is sometimes a good way to go a bit out of control and let loose. This was a real pleasure to work on. I’ve been involved with a lot of arts projects and this has been the most fun.”

Materials were provided by Lawrence Art Supplies and teacher Helen Dunman helped organise the event.

Paula Marten, a manager at the school said, “There was a great sense of adventure. Our students need to learn about the world around them using all their senses to compensate for the huge impact of their physical and learning disabilities. They could see colour, touch paint, smell paint, hear the buzz of chatter all around them and express themselves through noise, talk and laughter. The syringes meant students with very limited hand function could be involved. The students were asked to choose the colours and also where they wanted to aim the paint.”

‘Basley’ will now embark on a tour of the city offering businesses the chance to take him on holiday to their office for a week in return for a £100 donation to the hospice.

Read the whole article and see a film of the event on The Argus (The Snowdogs By The Sea Offical Media Partner) website written by dedicated Snowdogs by the Sea reporter, Flora Thompson.