Three ways to support Martlets over Lent

With Lent beginning today, we’re all being faced with the question on what we’re giving up. You could be finding yourself stuck for ideas and wanting to give up something different this year.

If so, we’ve got a suggestion for you – why not try the 40 days, 40 items challenge?

Donate 40 items

If you’ve got a keen eye on social media, you may have spotted this challenge before. And now, we’re challenging our supporters to take part in it. 

For each day of Lent (beginning March 6th), put away one item you no longer need into a box or a black bag. This could be anything from pre-loved clothing to kitchenware and crockery. You could even raid your bookshelves for those books you’re probably not going to read, or our CD collection for that one CD you don’t think you’ll play again. And while they might not fit in a box, you could also consider furniture and most working electrical items. 

At the end of lent, you’ll have 40 items you can donate to us, which we can upcycle and sell in our shops

Complete 40 acts of kindness

Living the minimalist lifestyle or already had your spring clean? Don’t let it stop you from taking a lent-based challenge to support Martlets. 

Challenge yourself to do a different ‘act of kindness’ each day. From smiling at a stranger to switching off the lights (to help the planet!) you can get a few ideas here. Taking part in a different act each day of lent can be a fantastic way to brighten up someone’s day. 

You could even turn this into a fundraising challenge, and get your friends to sponsor you. If you let us know, we’ll be able to give you support in meeting your fundraising goal. Don’t forget to tag us on social media too!

Give up 40p each day

Not inspired by the challenges above? How about cumulating a donation?

Put 40 pence into a jar each day and by the end of lent, you’ll have £16 to donate. If you gift-aid your donation, we’ll get 25% from the Government, meaning your donation becomes £20. 

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