A song for Goldy – Goldstone Primary School’s Snowpup

As part of the Snowdogs by the Sea Sculpture trail, last Autumn Goldstone Primary enrolled in our Snowdogs Education Programme – creating their very own Snowpup, Goldy! 
Goldy, along with 23 other School Snowpuppies, was displayed across the city in local libraries throughout the trail and came along to the Farewell Event too! At the end of the trail, Goldy and all the other Snowpups returned to their schools, reunited with the children who lovingly painted their coats. 
As the School year drew to a close it seemed only fitting that Goldy had a place in the end of term show and was honoured with a lovely song all about him!  


       We got him from the Martlets, to help them with their Cause
       Painted blue from head to foot, from tail to all four Paws
       Each class has made a yellow patch to stick upon his back
       Some knitted ears, a golden tail and a shiny sparkly sack      
        Goldy our Snowpup, lives by the sea
        He’s part of our school and belongs to you and me
        He greets us in the morning and wags his tail at night
        Waiting at the entrance, he‘s a welcome Goldstone sight 
       He sniffs out all the action, he’s the dog we like to teach
       He comes into our classrooms and has visits to the beach
       He enjoys the peace and quiet of our lovely outside space
       And joins in Goldstone’s Sports Day in the hope to win a race
      He travelled across our city, on the Snowpup trail
      He met the Mayor and made some friends, they liked his 
      golden tail
      He ended up in Hove Library, enjoying all the books
      Having children pat his head, proud of his good looks!
This lovely song and all of the end of term show was created by Debbie Wallis. 
Debbie said: “Everyone at Goldstone loves Goldy! We’re really pleased we got involved in the Snowdogs trail so including Goldy in our end of term show was a must.”