Caring over Christmas

Nicky, our Hospice at Home team leader, blogs on caring for our patients in their homes this Christmas.

“Caring for our patients is always challenging, managing symptoms and pain for those who are terminally ill is something we have to constantly monitor and stay on top of. This is more so the case for those of our patients who wish to stay at home as opposed to coming on to our In-Patient Unit for care. Patients at home always need to be safe and pain-free, achieving this in a non-clinical setting can be more challenging rather than on our In-Patient Unit where we have 24-7 care.

Christmas also presents another challenge for us as we want to help our patients celebrate at home with their families if possible. However, if they need a prescription for new pain management over the Christmas period getting a Doctor to sign this off can take more time than usual, which isn’t ideal for our patients.

Ready for this Christmas I have successfully completed the non-medical prescribing course, meaning I now have my own prescription pad and can prescribe some pain relief and other symptom control medication to our patients who are being cared for at home. This will mean our patients will receive their new prescriptions much quicker and we can get their symptoms under control quicker too.

This will make a real difference to our patients- and mean our patients and families will be able to enjoy more of the Christmas period together, without worries over prescriptions.”

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