Celebrating our volunteers

We recently celebrated volunteers week at Martlets. Here’s what some of our volunteers had to say about why they chose to volunteer with us…

Between 1-7 June, we celebrated the more than 500 volunteers who give their time to Martlets. Whether it’s a regular shift or a once in a while, we’re so grateful for the time our volunteers give us. 

Paul, distribution volunteer

Paul has volunteered for Martlets for over two years and currently helps with the collections of donated furniture. He said:

“I go out in the van to pick up furniture and all sorts of stuff that’s being donated. I’m taking medication which means I can’t drive, so I’m the ‘wing man’, giving the driver directions and telling him it’s all clear left and so on.

The traffic can be awful at times so I’m glad I’m in the passenger seat, but we have so much fun, even when we’re stuck in a jam”

Sam, fundraising volunteer

Sam started volunteering for Martlets as a Route Master during Snailspace, but enjoyed it so much she’s continued. She said 

“I’d encourage anyone to volunteer, the greatest gift we can give is time and in a world where it’s all moving so fast, what better way to give back than to slow down, think of others and volunteer some time to help others. ” 

Carrie, day services volunteer

Carrie volunteers in our day services team, helping out at our popular coffee morning. She said:

“I was familiar with Martlets as my Mum was a patient here. My husband Allan, who has Parkinson’s disease, is now an outpatient at Martlets and has benefitted from the complementary therapies on offer, including acupuncture.”

“He also enjoys coming to the coffee mornings, so I decided to become a volunteer host. I help run coffee mornings every other week for patients and their families.”

Lisa, hospice cafe volunteer

Lisa volunteers in our hospice cafe and now works for Martlets Care. Her favourite thing about volunteering is the people you meet. She said:

“We get to know the patient and their visitors whilst they are here. Relatives and visitors often come back “

Linda, discharge buddy

Linda is a discharge buddy, helping patients manage the transition back home. Linda said:

“I find the role a very fulfilling and satisfying way to volunteer, every patient is different and I can get to know them well and help them in the way they need”

Martine, day services volunteer

Martine also volunteers in our coffee morning, along with sow and grow. She said:

“I enjoy listening to people and hearing their stories. People here are so positive and they are making the most of every moment that it helps me to remember that life is for living and doing what you can.”

Phil, shop volunteer

Phil volunteers in our shop on Western Road as he wanted to give to a local charity upon moving to Brighton and Hove. He said:

“I enjoy it so much and have met so many new people. I also feel really appreciated – every day I am thanked for coming in to help and everyone is so nice to me.”

Are you interested in volunteering at Martlets? Click here to find out more.