International Day of Friendship

Celebrating the International Day of Friendship

As 30 July is the International Day of Friendship, we thought we would share some comments from patients, their families and our staff about companionship and support.

Compassionate Neighbours

“I have a lovely family; they’re all grown up and I can talk to them. It’s just that when Hilary calls, I feel I can say whatever’s on my mind because she’s there to listen.” 

“Hilary said she would keep calling once a week and it’s made such a difference. My brother was also diagnosed a few months ago with an aggressive brain tumour and is now in a hospice. I’ve been able to talk to Hilary and offload about that as well. It’s wonderful to be able to talk to her and I always look forward to her call.” 

 - Wendy 

“I now have three people that I’ve developed really good relationships with and we’ll chat about all sorts of stuff.  One guy I talk to is a patient living on his own. He loves football and I like it too, so we talk about that.” 

“I’m hoping that I’ll be able to see some of the people I’ve been chatting with in person at home, once it’s safe to do so it’ll be great to do that. Nothing beats face-to-face visits.” 

– Mark 

Patients and Family

“One amazing nurse answered all our questions because we didn’t know what to expect at the end. She told us that it is an absolute honour to be allowed to share that special moment with a person who is dying. That has stayed with me.” 

“I’ll never forget the first time I walked into Martlets – I immediately felt the peace in that building; it was just remarkable” 

– Monika 

“One night in particular, my stepmum required help so called the Martlets phone hub at 3am for advice; it was so reassuring knowing they were there. Having access to support at all hours was something we were extremely thankful for.” 

– Imogen 

“We were a bit hesitant at first about hospice care. People tend to think of it as quite depressing, but the staff were so reassuring and upbeat. They looked after me and my son as well as my husband and helped us get through it.” 

– Christine 

Nurses and Care Staff

“When I worked on the ward we did team-building days from time to time. I do miss that contact and seeing colleagues. Eleanor, the Sister who leads my team, did a Zoom meeting the other day with the team. I hadn’t seen my IPU work colleagues at all until then and it was really quite emotional.” 

– Sacha 

“I looked after an elderly gentleman on the ward during lockdown who spent most of his last weeks alone because of the Covid restrictions. He needed my help to make a phone call to his wife for one of the last times as he was near end of life. I took him round the garden in his wheelchair and we talked about the flowers and I kept him company.” 

“At the end of the day, it’s people that count — friends, family and colleagues. I love my colleagues who are the greatest bunch of amazing, caring people. We’ve supported each other during a very difficult, dark time in lockdown. They are like my family.” 

– Sue 

Day of Friendship

We hope all our staff, our patients and their families have a wonderful day of friendship. At Martlets, we like to think ourselves as one big team, we could not do what we do without each other.

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