Thank you Martlets Volunteers

Celebrating Volunteers’ Week 1–7 June

Volunteers’ Week is an annual celebration of the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering. Christina, who volunteers in Martlets’ vintage shop, tells us why it’s such a rewarding experience. 

“I love volunteering at Martlets’ vintage shop in Church Street. Because Brighton’s so quirky we get all kinds of interesting people through the door; you never know what the day is going to bring. There’s a broad range of customers from young students looking for a trendy vintage bargain to the transgender community, drag queens, and much older people who often just want a friendly conversation. We’ve built special relationships with some of our regulars who come in for a chat; we all look forward to seeing each other and catching up.

Wealthy people come in too who you might think wouldn’t need to shop at a second-hand store; they’re often looking for designer pieces from icons like Vivienne Westwood and so on. You wouldn’t believe some of the lovely things we get donated to us; a lot of my own wardrobe is made up of great finds from the shop! 

Whenever I walk by and see our wonderful window displays I feel so proud. We often get customers complimenting us on them. We’ll be putting together a special display for the jubilee which I can’t wait to see. It doesn’t feel like your average charity shop because it has a fashion store vibe which is its real strength. The shop is always clean, the clothes are pressed properly and it feels more like a vintage boutique. Sometimes it can feel like a fashion show with the music playing and customers parading about showing us the clothes  they’re trying on. Everyone is having a good time and there’s such a happy atmosphere. 

I volunteer because Martlets is a good cause but it’s so much fun as well. It’s such a lovely group of volunteers and staff and we have a lot of laughs together and several social outings throughout the year. 

Christine our Church Street Volunteer

Before I started volunteering, I used to go into the shop and buy little things for the house; knickknacks and clothes and bits and pieces. I got on terribly well with the girls behind the counter and one day one of them asked if I’d like to volunteer. I jumped at the chance, and I’ve been there for four years or so now. Before I got involved, I knew about Martlets and how important the hospice is in the local community.

It’s lovely to feel I’m supporting a local charity and I so enjoy being back in a work environment. I don’t work full-time anymore and really missed the camaraderie of colleagues. Volunteering for Martlets has given that back to me. So, I would say that if you’re lonely, or you’re missing the working life that you had, volunteering can fill that gap. Martlets offers all sorts of volunteering opportunities so get in touch and find out more. I look forward to going into the shop and enjoy every minute of my time there.” 


A huge thank you to all our incredible volunteers who support Martlets in so many different ways. Your time is priceless. From donations sorters and van drivers to shop assistants, gardeners and Compassionate Neighbours, we simply couldn’t keep on caring without your support and commitment. Whether you volunteer with us for a few hours once in a while or a regular weekly shift, as part of #TeamMartlets you’re playing a crucial part in keeping your local hospice going. 

Interested in volunteering for Martlets? Visit our Volunteering page to find out more.