Creating wonderful memories with Snailspace

A pupil from Brighton College, sponsors of our gleaming gold East Street Snail ‘Goldie’, has written a beautiful tribute to what the Snails and the Snailspace campaign mean to him. For Cian, ‘Snailspace’ is an attitude that he tries to make room for in his day. It means slowing down, reflecting, and making memories with those we love.

The Snails of the trail bookend my school day.

As the days are getting shorter, we make our way to school just as the sun is starting to rise above the sea.

We travel down Dyke Road and spy Sparkle Snail glinting in the sunrise. Next is Welcome Home, the Seven Dials Snail, peeking out from the morning mist that heralds me into Brighton and signals the start of my day.

The next friendly face we see along the trail is the peachy station Snail, The Brightonian, who hopes that everyone who is rushing around him will remember to make Snailspace in his or her day.

Woniu, or the dragon Snail as I like to call it, welcomes us to school; its vibrant colours and differing textures representing to me the multicultural community of Brighton.

Luckily my journey home includes a plethora of colourful and snazzy snails as well celebrating the end of my day.

I see Arthur, Iris, Hokusai, Scoopalicious, Quadrosnailia, ‘Life in the Slow Lane’, ‘The Leaf Snail Hunt’ all lining my route.

Finally ‘I aint no Slug’, or as I have nicknamed it, the half-shell Snail, waves me farewell.

Making Memories

Seeing these Snails has made me think about my Snailspace. It has made me appreciate my daily journey to school. I now think of this as a time to enjoy with my family in the car, a time when each of us can share our experiences of the day; a time to reflect.

The Snailway is a unique way to get people out and about creating wonderful memories with their friends and families whilst visiting these vibrant Brighton arthropods.

These escargatoire are a truly fitting tribute to the work that Martlets do to support and care for the terminally ill and their families in the local area.

By Cian, age 12, Brighton College

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