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Three ways to support Martlets on International Day of Charity

Today is the UN’s International Day of Charity, celebrating the impact that charities and other non-profit organisations can have across the world.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how you can have a positive impact, check out our three suggestions below.


1. Have a clear-out

Do you have anything you no longer wear? Or homeware you no longer use? We’d love your donations.

Our ten shops help generate profit, which we use to provide life-changing hospice care to our community. But to do that, we rely on the donations of people like you!

Why not have a quick clear out and see if there’s something you can donate to our shops? If you’ve got furniture to donate, you can also arrange a collection (and they will collect any bags of clothes while they’re with you!)


2. Set up a regular donation

By setting up a regular donation you can make a big difference to patients every day.

Your regular gift will allow your local community to be cared for now and in the future because it will provide a steady income stream that Martlets can rely on.

You can choose an amount and set this up here.


3. Book your tickets to an upcoming event

From fun-runs to bake sales, our fundraisers change lives. Our events team and the local community organise a huge variety of fundraising events you can take part in – with the money coming to a good cause.

Hospice heroes could sign up to our upcoming KAPOW! Inflatable obstacle course on 14th September – there’s currently a flash sale on! Or, daring challengers could explore the opportunities of trekking the Sahara dessert next April.

Whatever the way is, and whether it’s on International Day of Charity or not, we’re so thankful for everything you to support us. We couldn’t do what we do without you!


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