Discharge Buddies

We want to talk about the fact hospice care is much more than care within a hospice. Not only do more than 40% of people who stay on our Inpatient unit go home, the majority of the care we provide is in the community, not at our hospice.

Leaving the Inpatient unit can be a daunting time for some of our patients so we’ve developed a new scheme to support them. Specially trained volunteers called ‘discharge buddies’ work closely with patients as they leave the inpatient unit and in the first few weeks at home to help them settle and feel safe. 

Sue is one of our first volunteers in this scheme. New to Brighton she thought it sounded interesting and would help her get to know her community.  

“I’m retired now but when I was working I enjoyed working with people so when I saw this role I thought ‘yes, I can do that!’ 

After two days of interactive training run by Judith our discharge coordinator and Stuart one of our social workers, our new volunteers were ready to start.  

Sue soon had her first patient to take home.  

June had been on the inpatient unit for nearly four weeks, two days before she was due to go to home Sue popped along to introduce herself.  June mentioned that she thought “discharge buddy” was a lovely name for someone to help get her settled at home, so she and Sue were off to a good start. 

“I arrived at Martlets after lunch, as arranged and travelled with June in a taxi to her house, where we met her new live-in carer who would be there to attend to household tasks and personal care if necessary.” 

“All was well at home, we managed to find out how to turn on the hot water and a good friend had made sure there was enough milk, tea, and bread in the house.” 

“I made sure that the bed was made, that June had all her tablets to hand and both she and her carer knew what the medication was for. I checked that they had the phone numbers for her GP, pharmacy, and Martlets “hub” in case of emergency.” 

“By the time I left, June and her carer seemed confident that they could manage.

I’ve visited several times since and always felt the three of us worked well together to settle June back at home. I’ve done my last visit to June now and I felt as my role was complete.” 

“I found this role rewarding; I was able to offer practical help like making her bed or doing some shopping on my way round.  A few days after she got home June ran out of part of her medication, as I was still her Buddy I was able to get the extra medication she needed from Martlets so that she didn’t have to wait to get her repeat prescription. It was good to be able to keep that link with Martlets for her.” 

“I always felt that I was well supported by the Martlets team and could phone at any time for advice and help. I’m looking forward to being involved with many more patients.”

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