Getting out into the community: Our Peacehaven Pilot Scheme

Patrick Barclay Ball, our Day Services Manager, blogs on what ‘Day Services’ are and why it’s so important we’re offering them in the community as well as at our Hospice.

When I talk to people outside of the hospice care world and tell them I work as a Day Services Manager, I sometimes get a few puzzled looks. I can see them thinking ‘What is Day Services?’ or ‘I thought hospices were places people went at the end of their illness to die, not to visit once a week?!’

Hospices do so much more than provide end of life care in the last few weeks. At Martlets, we often see and treat patients for years before they sadly die. We help them manage their illness and support them to live their life to the full until that time.

What are Day Services?

Our Day Services focus on holistic care: physical, psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing and we try to tailor things so that they are right for the needs of that individual. As such, we offer a range of services that patients and their carers can have, on a 121 basis or in a group setting. This includes social groups, physical therapies, and well-being activities. For example, we offer: mindfulness classes, art therapy sessions and even have a gardening group and a choir. We also offer a range of complementary therapies which can help people relax and de-stress including Massage, Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Reiki, and Reflexology!

Whilst many people are able to come to our Hospice in Hove to access our Day Services we know that some of our patients living in Peacehaven and Newhaven, are often unable to make what can be quite a long journey to our hospice on a regular basis.

In recognition of this, we’re trialing a satellite clinic in Peacehaven at the Anchor Healthcare Centre. This clinic will take place one day a week and it will enable our patients to access Martlets Day Services closer to their homes. They will be able to come to our clinic and meet with me for a clinical assessment and following this, I can refer them for a course of complementary therapies, including massage, reflexology, and reiki.

We’re hoping this will open up our care and services to more terminally ill people in and around Brighton & Hove, making it easier for them to seek our support.

Our Peacehaven Clinic is still in the pilot stage and will run for the next six months for our current patients. If the pilot is successful we hope to open a permanent clinic in Peacehaven and also evaluate whether we can offer more supportive services to our Peacehaven patients and their carers.


Further Information

In order to access our Day Services including our clinics, groups, classes, and complementary therapies you must be referred. Referrals will be accepted from Doctors, Registered Nurses, and Allied Health Professionals. If you wish to self-refer talk to your GP first.

In order to access our services, you or your loved one must live within Brighton & Hove and the surrounding area and have been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

To access our Day Services please contact us on 01273 273400 and ask to speak to the Day Services team or email

If you are a healthcare professional and would like more information please click here

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