Gift Ideas From Martlets Charity Shop

You’re looking for the perfect gift – whether it’s for Mother’s Day or another occasion. Would you ever think to search for a gift at a charity shop?

Did you know that Martlets Charity Shops have a wide selection of vintage and new items that are perfect for gifting? If you’re stuck for inspiration for a birthday present or just what to see what more Martlets Charity Shops have in store; then read below for our top 5 gift ideas we found when we explored Martlets Hospice charity shops.

Do you want your gift to be brand new? No problem. At Martlets Charity Shops there are a selection of new items to choose from.

Looking for something new?

At our Western Road charity shop, there is a huge selection of new Orelia Jewellery. Including necklaces, earrings and rings, with a tiny price tag, ranging from £3-£8!

There is a wall of Orelia jewellery to search through, that is a range of styles and metals and has never been worn.

At all Martlet’s Charity shop’s, you can find Martlets candles. The candles come in two fragrances:

 Sea Salt & Spray and Black Pomegranate. These beautiful smelling candles come in a variety of sizes and are made from natural wax. These calming candles are a perfect example of a brand-new gift you can pick up at a Martlets Charity Shop.

Our final brand-new gift idea you can find at Martlets is perfect for your out of town friend or family member. Brighton themed gifts. You can find tote bags, placemats, tea towels and mugs with key Brighton landmarks on them. These have been designed exclusively by Betty Boyns for Martlets, so you can’t get them anywhere else. Not only can these gifts be found in some Martlets stores but online.

Looking for a one of a kind gift?

There are also lots of fabulous vintage items inside Martlets Shops that are perfect for gifting.

At the Church Street Martlets Charity Shop there is a gorgeous selection of vintage broaches. The broaches vary from whacky to ornate designs and are all £5 each. They’re a perfect addition to any handbag or coat.

Our final gift inspiration you can find at Martlets is funky vintage glassware! From whiskey tumblers to beautiful vases, there is an amazing selection of ornate glassware at our Church Street shop. However, all Martlets shops sell vintage crockery!

Sparked your interest? Why not visit one of our shops today? We’ve got shops in central Brighton and in outer areas and you can find your nearest shop here.

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