I wanted to do something meaningful

Ruoqi Li (24) is studying for an MA in Corporate Risk and Financial Management at Sussex University and helps at our Western Road shop in her spare time. 

“My course is quite flexible, and I have lots of energy, so I thought I would do something useful with my time off. I could have done some work experience, but I needed to do something that would have meaning for me.  I wanted to make a difference to the lives of others and I thought that volunteering for a charity would be a good way to help the community.

I sort the clothes as they come into the shop, hang them up and price them. I also work on the till and serve the customers. I’ve found it to be a valuable experience, since I’m learning how to deal with lots of different people and everyone’s been so nice. I’m sure it will be useful to me in my future career, since I’ve gained a lot of confidence whilst I’ve been here.

It’s been really easy to fit volunteering around my studies. I’m working on my dissertation at the moment, which is taking up quite a lot of my time, so I’ve reduced the number of days that I work here for now. My course finishes in September, but I shall continue to work with Martlets for as long as I live in Brighton.”