It’s OK to Talk…the Samaritans message for World Suicide Prevention Day

Jane, our counselling and bereavement services manager, blogs on seeking help and support available for those who are feeling suicidal. 

“It is not unusual for bereaved people to find themselves wishing that they could join their loved one or just do not see any point in life. Sometimes this may frighten the bereaved person or those around them…and some people may be deeply concerned that they are considering suicide.

 For the majority of bereaved people, this is not the case. This desire to join their loved one is very often an expression of the depth of their yearning and longing for the person who has died…their raw, painful grief.

And the meaninglessness of life can be an intense expression of their loss…of the person who has died, their future plans and life together, the impossibility that life can be so randomly cruel, a challenge to a person’s beliefs and sense of purpose and being in the world.

However there are a few bereaved people who respond with a dark, black despair that offers no space for hope or a future. Death seems the only way out of this and they can find themselves being pulled towards taking their own life and consider ways to do this.

The person can see no way through their problem and it is at this time when they need some help. This can be a simple acknowledgment of how desperate they feel and being told that there is help available.

Here at Martlets, we encourage people to find a way to reach out and seek help if they are feeling despairing and suicidal. This can be through emailing the bereavement service or picking up the phone or talking to a friend and family member who can support them to get the help they need.

Alternatively, a friend or family member who is concerned can reach out and make the person aware that they care and want to help them. This is often enough for someone to find a way to seek help.

If you know someone who is experiencing this do let them know there is help available and there is lots of info on the Samaritans website.

Anyone whose loved one was cared for by the Martlets is very welcome to make contact with our Bereavement Service by calling 01273 273400 or emailing