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Just the ticket

This year we’re celebrating 20 years of the Martlets Lottery, which launched in 2000. Two recent winners tell us why they play and what it feels like to have a winning ticket.

It costs just £2 per week to play the Martlets Lottery. You could win one of 44 cash prizes guaranteed to be paid out every week, including our jackpot of £1,500.

Our players help us provide essential care for terminally ill people and support for their loved ones. Last year an average of 61p in every £1 contributed by Martlets Lottery players went directly to Martlets. And over the past ten years our players have helped generate more than £4m pounds in funding.

Lottery Winners: Sue and her mum

Sue’s mum Margaret played our lottery from the first draw on 29 September 2000 until her death in September of last year. Margaret won the top prize of £1000 in November 2000 and the third prize of £100 in February 2012.

“Mum joined the lottery in 2000, a year after my dad died from cancer,” says Sue. “He’d been cared for by Martlets and in 1999 he spent his 80th birthday on the hospice ward; he was too ill to be at home. All the family joined him in the day lounge to celebrate and Martlets even let the dog come too. The following year, mum joined the Martlets lottery as a thank you for their support. My sister and my mother-in-law joined too.

Since I’ve had Mum’s winning lottery number, I’ve won as well, though just £10. I’ll keep the lottery ticket going in memory of her and Dad. Hopefully it’ll continue to bring our family a few more wins. Maybe one day I’ll pass it on to my daughter.”

Lottery Winner: Ann from Hove

Ann recently won our jackpot prize of £1,500 and still can’t quite believe she’s a winner.

“I’m a little old lady of 74 and I’ve never won anything before in my life!” she says. “So it was wonderful when the letter from Martlets came through the door. I said to my partner, ‘What’s this? I’ve won a prize! £1,500! I just couldn’t believe it. I went out to see some friends later that day; I took the letter and the cheque with me just so they could confirm it was all real. I looked in The Argus from the day before and my number was printed as a winner in Hove. And I thought, ‘gosh, that’s me!’

I used to volunteer for Martlets, doing the teas on a Wednesday for the day centre visitors. I loved it and did it for about three years. I wanted to help out locally and Martlets seemed a good place. As soon as you walk in there it has this special feeling and you feel so welcomed. Everyone is so friendly and you feel uplifted even though it’s a hospice.

I did the Martlets lottery about 17 years ago, but didn’t win anything so I stopped. Then I started again four years ago because a lovely man, a canvasser from Martlets, knocked on my door. He reminded me about all the wonderful things Martlets do and how important they are in the community. So I thought yes, I’ll support them again.

We’re pensioners, we keep our heads above water, but there’s never anything extra so this win is such a boost.

My partner and I might buy a new settee with some of the money. Also, I had to go to the doctor’s today and saw a nice coat in the window of Marks. I stopped and thought, ‘I might go and get that after lockdown’. I wouldn’t have been able to afford it before and would’ve had to make do with my old one. But I thought, I can buy this now. It really boosted me up.

I’d say to anyone definitely have a go playing the Martlets lottery. It’s such a wonderful cause. I’d have been happy winning any of the smaller amounts, but to win that much, gosh, I’m so chuffed.”

A big thank you

A few words from our lottery manager, Sheila Green:

“I would like to say a very big thank you to Ann, Sue and her mum, and everyone who plays our lottery. It’s only with the support of our lottery players that Martlets can continue to provide essential care to those who need it most.  Covid-19 has hit our finances hard so we need more people to play our lottery to help us through this difficult time. If you would like to support Martlets and maybe win our £1,500 jackpot, please join today at Best wishes and stay safe.”