#Martlets36days: Vivian, Maddie and Helen, our volunteers

Every year three dedicated volunteers become Santa’s elves to make Christmas Day as lovely as they can for the hospice’s patients. Vivian Battman, Maddie Whitehead, and Helen Norris buy and wrap gifts for every patient staying at the hospice as a little surprise for them to find on their lunch trays and enjoy alongside their Christmas lunch. 

The ladies are well-known and much-loved visitors to Martlets and in previous years they have knitted toys for each of the patients. 

Dan Kidby, the hospice’s In-Patient Unit Volunteer Co-ordinator said, “They come in every week and bring such a beautiful positive energy to the hospice.  It’s always laughs and smiles when they are around. 

They spend their own money buying nice presents such as chocolates and toiletries and wrap them up so that they look lovely for the patients. They’ve been giving their time for years.” 

Vivian said, “It’s just something that we’ve done for the last few years. We thought that it would be a nice thing for people to receive a little treat and we hope it gives them a little lift.” 

Dan continued, “What these ladies do is everything that Martlets is about really; those extra touches that put a smile on the faces of our patients and their families. 

“It’s lovely isn’t it.”