Nature that Nurtures

Our Sow and Grow gardening group is a weekly drop in horticultural therapy group, the friendly sessions are open to any of our patients.  

Over the last year, we’ve seen how it helps people to make friends, especially if they’re able to come regularly, which many people do. Getting out in the fresh air and connecting with nature in the garden is good for your mental health and at Martlets it’s also a chance to learn more about gardening and an introduction to hospice care.

Our horticultural therapist shows the group how to sow seeds together in the raised bed and they take home the produce they’ve grown. As one of our nurses leads the group there’s symptom control and medical advice on hand if it’s needed.

One of our patients said how “coming here lifts my spirits” and that “at this point in my life, I feel I need to be close to nature”.

Last year Sow and Grow ran in the warmer months of the year and 32 patients and carers joined the group.

We’d like to help more people rediscover the joy of the outdoors this year. 

“If the gardening group was ever stopped, many people would be very disappointed as it brings enormous joy and satisfaction to all those people attending”

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