Nigel is Taking on His Tenth Marathon for Martlets

The Brighton Marathon is returning this April, but don’t worry if you haven’t signed up yet there is still time to get your running shoes.

Need a bit more persuasion? Read our blog about Nigel who is about to run his tenth marathon for Martlets!


Nigel Sarjudeen is about take on his tenth marathon for Martlets. In the nine marathons Nigel has run for us so far, Nigel has raised £9,266 for Martlets. This year he is hoping to raise enough money to get him to an amazing grand total of £10,000.

Nigel believes that the sharing of his marathon sponsorship to family and friends not only reminds people to give money to Martlets but raises awareness of the charity and the work Martlets do.

Why select Martlets as your charity when fundraising for a marathon?

Nigel explained, when we sat down to have a chat, his connection to Martlets. Nigel has watched Martlets grow into the charity it is now, and as he explains, like most people in Brighton and Hove, Martlets has touched someone they know, he has seen friends receive care and support from Martlets.

The fact that Martlets receives such little public funding, Nigel knows how essential it is for Martlets, that passionate fundraisers help us continue to provide life-changing hospice care… Furthermore, Nigel was struck by the nature of the work Martlets do:

“I have been touched by the level of the care given by Martlets to its patients and their family and friends. If Martlets was not here it would be so much harder for people to cope.”

We asked Nigel what made him start running marathons?

In 2006, Nigel discovered he was suffering some major heart problems. The news was a shock and resulted in Nigel making a change in his lifestyle; running. Nigel expressed that he had always been interested in running but had never pursued it. A year after the news Nigel ran his first half marathon.

Nigel told us that although it was difficult receiving the news, he was glad it happened when it did as he was able to make changes and get over it.

His experience:

Running a marathon can be tough – something Nigel by now has plenty of experience of! Nigel is one a very small number of people who has run every single Brighton Marathon.

But despite that, he believes that it’s important to keep going.

‘One year, towards the end, I remember thinking ‘I’m hurting and in pain’. Then I remembered all the people who are hurting because they have lost their loved ones and it drove me forward.’

Nigel knows first-hand that it’s easy to make excuses about running.  But the huge benefits to his health lead him to keep on encouraging others to take part.

He’s found considerable health and mental health benefits and he’s found a social side to running through his various running clubs. The many friends Nigel now has have just added to his positive experience.

It all starts with one run. Whether it’s a marathon or not – you can take up a challenge this year. Martlets have places at the Brighton Half Marathon, Brighton Marathon and Vitality Big Half in London.

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