How you can give back with a reverse Advent calendar

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! The time of year for giving gifts to family and loved ones is here. But with that, it’s also the time to do something amazing for those in need this winter. A great way to give something back this year is a reverse Advent calendar.

What is a Reverse Advent Calendar?

Don’t worry you won’t be the only one who hasn’t heard of this new festive trend.

A reverse advent calendar is a twist on the traditional advent calendar. Instead of opening a little cardboard window to find a treat for yourself, reverse advent is all about, on the countdown to Christmas, each day either donating an item or doing something selfless.

Why do it?

Reverse Advent calendar is a great tradition to start this Christmas. It encourages us to think about those in need this Christmas and support amazing charities like Martlets. Furthermore, it is something the family can do together, each contributing in their own way, plus it highlights the importance of keeping others in mind at Christmas.

5 ideas for your reverse Advent calendar

In case you needed inspiration for your reverse Advent calendar we’ve got 5 great ways you can give to Martlets:

1. Donate

Donating to Martlets is a perfect example of giving something back this Christmas. There are so many ways you can donate to Martlets, giving a one-off donation or setting up a regular donation.

2. Donate Goods

We accept more than monetary donations. Our 10 charity shops are always in need of donations from clothes to furniture, but particularly in the winter season. If you’re having a clear out before the relatives arrive this Christmas, don’t throw those unwanted items away! Donate them to your nearest Martlets Charity shop or arrange a collection for furniture.

3. Volunteer

Our volunteers play a crucial part in keeping your local hospice going. Whatever your experience or skill set there will be a role you can fill here at Martlets. From volunteering at our fundraising events, to working at our hospice café and many many more. Click here to register or learn more:

4. Lottery

Another great way to support Martlets is to join our lottery! Our amazing lottery has 44 cash prizes to win every week! And if your 16 or over our lottery starts at only £2 a week. To sign up or learn more click here:

5. Fundraise For Martlets

Why not get creative with your fundraising, maybe carolling your neighbours? A Christmas bake sale? Fundraising this Christmas is a great way to spend time with friends and loved ones and raise money for an amazing cause like Martlets.

To learn more about how you can fundraise, or attend a Martlets fundraising event click here:

Whatever you do, we’re thankful for your support and all the great things your reverse Advent calendar will do for those in need.

Find out more

To give a one off donation click here:

To find your nearest Martlets Charity shop:

To sign up to the Martlets lottery: