“Shiatsu is like an explosion in my body”

For Bill the effects of just one shiatsu session were amazing.

Bill has Parkinson’s and though he’s not always in a wheelchair he’s not always mobile either. On the day of his first session at Martlets he was in his wheelchair, but at the end of the session – incredibly – he was able to walk without help. Bill describes it as feeling like an explosion in his body.

“It’s like coming alive” he says “you feel more carries on after the session with other people.”

Parkinson’s is a very complex condition where people are trapped inside a body that will not cooperate with them and makes even the
simplest tasks very difficult, even impossible.
At Martlets we now support several patients who have Parkinson’s; many of our therapies in particular Shiatsu, Tai Chi and our choir can all help with this condition. 

Bill’s wife Jackie told us what can help when you’re living with Parkinson’s:

“Parkinson’s is ruled a lot by stress and anxiety so a therapy that deals with that is great. We’ve found that going to something like Shiatsu regularly builds confidence, it’s something good to look forward to and that’s really helpful.
It improves quality of life, and that’s important with Parkinson’s; Bill leaves the sessions feeling great.

Getting to know the therapist is very sociable, it’s like making a new friend. Bill was amazed by how fantastic he felt after his treatment. And the more little pockets of fantastic he can build, the better he feels.”

All our complementary therapists are volunteers, Barbara treated Bill the day he had such incredible results:
“For patients with Parkinson’s we are working to ease muscle spasms and loosen joints, using particular channels and meridians. Shiatsu is very versatile, it’s both gentle and incredibly powerful.

I love working here at Martlets because it makes such a difference. Just being able to offer people ‘space’ is supportive in itself. The nurturing a complementary therapy can provide makes everything else a little easier.
I especially value the treatments where the benefit is immediate – like Bill’s. It’s a very special way to be able to make a difference for someone.”

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