Stuck for inspiration for this years Secret Santa?

We know the feeling! Between buying gifts for loved ones and friends, there is usually no gift inspiration left for the office Secret Santa. Never mind the usual £5 or £10 limit, meaning it’s difficult to get something thoughtful. However, we have a solution!

Add some creativity this Christmas by buying your gifts only from charity shops. Instead of repeated gifts from the Christmas aisle in the supermarket, why not give a fabulous one-of-a-kind gift from a charity shop. With plenty of new and pre-loved goods, you’ll be able to find something extra special that you can’t buy anywhere else!

Plus if you’re that person who can never keep under the budget then a charity shop is the ideal solution as the price tag will always be small.

Think about Martlets

Martlets Charity shops are the perfect place to shop for your secret Santa this Christmas, with our huge range of items from vintage clothing to glassware. We’ve got our extra special gifts such as our Betty Boyns collection and so much choice across our 10 shops.

Not only will this make your Secret Santa far more exciting and remove those awkward repeat gifting moments. But also, shopping for your Secret Santa at a Martlets Charity Shops helps us support the community of Brighton and Hove.

Plus – more than your wallet will benefit shopping at a charity enables you to do your bit for the environment through buying used goods! The average person in Britain will buy 22 different gifts at Christmas. It’s no wonder that Britain’s waste equivalent is equal to around 450,000 double-decker buses during the festive period! Buying pre-loved presents this Christmas will help reduce this huge number!

This Christmas, you can help us to provide life-changing hospice care by shopping for your Secret Santa at a Martlets Charity Shop.

Take on the challenge

Inspired by the idea? Why not take on the challenge? Or even better…inspire your whole office to take on the challenge to buy their Secret Santa gifts at charity shops!


Further information:

  • To find your nearest Martlets Charity Shop click here
  • Don’t have time to thrift this Christmas, then shop our Christmas cards and more online
  • Super eager and already bought your Secret Santa? You can donate to Martlets this Christmas here