someone doing the i360 drop challenge

Taking on the thrilling challenge for Martlets

Leap into action this September and take on a thrilling challenge to help fund life-changing hospice care. In case you still need convincing, read Sophia’s story about her iDrop experience and why she took part.

Our thrilling i360 challenge is back again. Therefore, we are asking supporters to join us for our event on 16th September. It is the challenge of a lifetime with a 450ft drop from the British Airways pod on Brighton beach.

First opened in August 2016, the i360 showcases the beautiful Brighton and Hove scenery. From the top of the pod visitors can enjoy a 360 degree view of everything Brighton and Hove has to offer. This includes views of the English channel, the lanes and even the South Downs.

However, our fearless fundraisers won’t get much time to enjoy the view as they take a brave leap from the top all aid of Martlets. This September more hospice heroes will be abseiling down this iconic Brighton and Hove landmark.

We spoke to Sophia who took on the thrilling challenge for Martlets back in 2019. She told us about why she did it and what she would tell others still considering the challenge.

Why Sophia took on the thrilling challenge.

Sophia took the leap from the i360 back in 2019. She saw it as a great way to challenge herself, face her fears and raise money for hospice care. She wanted to get involved as part of her work is all about giving back and this was the perfect opportunity. Others got involved with Sophia as she completed the drop with one of her colleagues.

Sophia wanted to do the drop due to her personal connection with Martlets. Her mother was cared for by Martlets hospice. Our team were there for her and her family during this difficult time. Sophia took on the challenge to show her appreciation for the care her mother received.

“I like many other families went through a devastating time in my life after we found out my mother had terminal cancer, everything happened very quickly and unfortunately, we didn’t have as much time with her as we thought we would have. Martlets were the ones that through this hard time in my life that made my family and more importantly my mother feel somewhat at ease and cared for. They did everything they could to make sure that what time we did have left was happy. I will forever be grateful to the Martlets for that.”

She managed to raise a fantastic £800 in the few weeks leading up to the drop.

Taking on the leap.

“If I’m honest I was a bag of nerves! I’ve never had a problem with heights or anything like that, but as I’m sure you can imagine it was a little different once I was up there!”

Before the drop Sophia was very nervous but managed to work through those nerves to complete the drop. During the drop, Sophia felt amazing for taking the leap. Despite the fear, Sophia thoroughly enjoyed her drop and she did not let the fear hold her back.

“I really enjoyed myself, and I got an immense feeling of achievement once I got to the bottom, even though my legs were shaking so intensely.”

For a few minutes after the drop, Sophia describes not being able to stand properly due to her legs shaking. Nevertheless, it is something Sophia says she can look back at being proud she done it. It is an experience she will never forget and encourages others to take the leap.

“I’d say face your fears and go for it! It’s one of these experiences that you should be able to look back on and be proud of.”

Even after the drop, Sophia continues to support Martlets through events such as pub quizzes and charity football days. She is still fundraising through smaller events for Martlets which have been very successful for her.

Take on the thrilling challenge yourself or support our hospice heroes!

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