Taking time for yourself after someone close has died…Our new Out of Hours Service

Losing a loved one can be incredibly painful and stressful too, whether you’re a child or adult. For some people seeking support can be of great help. However sometimes finding the time to get that support can add to the stress, or just feel like another impossible task.

We know that fitting bereavement sessions in around our day to day responsibilities can be challenging. Organising to have a late start every Friday with your employer sometimes just isn’t possible for more than a few weeks and taking time as unpaid leave isn’t financially viable.

Equally, schools are not always able to support children taking time out of school hours to visit their counsellor. Even if this is possible co-ordinating with several schools and employers for a family bereavement session can be practically impossible. 

Out of Hours Counselling and Bereavement Support

We’re opening up our bereavement service in recognition of people’s busy working lives, and with the knowledge that organising for children to come out of school can be very complicated. Starting from July we are now able to offer evening sessions Monday to Friday and Saturday sessions all day to those who need us.

Out of hours sessions are crucial to ensure we’re helping people get the support they need, when they need it. Everyone grieves in different ways so providing the out of hours service allows us to offer more choice for people.  

I can think of several people from over the years who very much needed counselling, whose workplace did not offer or were unable to offer the flexibility for them to come to sessions during work time. I am delighted that this will no longer be the case thanks to our out of hours counsellors and our new volunteer counselling team.

Our Out of Hours service now gives those people unable to access Monday – Friday 09.00 – 17.00 the same options as those who can.  I know many people will now be able to get the support they need from us and find a way to live their lives whilst remembering their loved one.


Our bereavement support team offer support to our patients and their close friends and family throughout their time with us, for as long as they need. 

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