We couldn't have done it without ewe Shaun by the Sea

We couldn’t have done it without ewe!

It’s now 2 months since our Shaun by the Sea trail ended. We’ve all really missed seeing the #BrightonFlock out on our city’s streets, but we are thrilled that each and every one of our ewe-niquely designed Shaun’s have found their forever homes.

The Shauns sold for over £400,000 at our Grand Finale Auction, which was an incredible amount! But the auction was just one part of the trail…

We are absolutely delighted to let you know that in total, Shaun by the Sea has generated over £850,000 of income for Martlets! We can’t overstate how important that amount of funding is to Martlets, and we are so incredibly grateful for your support.

How you helped

Whether you donated for a trail map, did your own Shaun themed fundraising event, took on the challenge of the Shear Drop, walked, ran, wheeled or cycled the trail, bought your own Shaun the Sheep from our shops, took part in a model making event, sponsored a Shaun, or came to one of our events, thank you so much for getting involved.

A huge big thank ewe. Total amount rased over £800,000

Keeping Martlets caring

It costs £10million each year to keep Martlet caring. The care we provide is only free to those that need it thanks to your generosity.

Each year we support over 3,000 local people facing death, dying and bereavement. Every single penny generated by Shaun by the Sea means that Martlets can keep caring for people living with a terminal illness in Brighton & Hove and The Havens.

The whole team here at Martlets is so grateful for your support of Shaun by the Sea.

We couldn’t have done it without ewe!

P.S. Here’s a little reminder of all the fun of the Trail, you never know, you might even spot yourself hanging out with one of our beloved Shauns!

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Published 12/01/2024