The First Signs of Spring

In celebration of #PlantAFlowerDay we had a chat with our head gardener, John, about the first signs of Spring and his favourite things to plant. 

John’s been with the Martlets for 8 years and with a team of dedicated volunteers keeps our garden in excellent condition for patients, families, staff and volunteers to all enjoy.  

We quite like planting a variety of bulbs around the gardens. Once you’ve planted them you can forget about them until they pop up with their beautiful colours as a first sign of spring. We have lots of daffodils around the garden as well as a few snow drops and other bulbs too.  

Personally my favourite thing to plant is wild flowers. It’s something everyone can plant if they’ve got a little space. The colours are always lovely and you never quite know what you’re going to get – or when! The wild flowers are also good for the insects and bees in the garden too, it’s important to look after them.”  

If you’re visiting the hospice feel free to have a wander round our garden, spot the bulbs which are popping up and enjoy our beautiful wild flower bank.