Why I set up a birthday fundraiser

Right now, more than ever, local charities like Martlets need our support

My birthday is my favourite day of the year and I love celebrating it. I’m pretty sad that this Saturday I’ll be celebrating at home, without my friends around me.

I understand why of course and we’re all making changes to our lives as a result of Coronavirus. But I’ll still be yearning for my friends to join me for a slice of cake and a toast to my 27th year.

So I’ve decided to not let my birthday go unmarked. This year, I’m asking my friends to spend the cash they might have spent on my birthday celebrations on something else instead. Like hundreds of other Martlets supporters, I’ve set up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook.

What is a birthday fundraiser

I work for Martlets in the marketing team – so a birthday fundraiser isn’t new to me. Kind, local people celebrate their birthday this way all the time. In the last two years, we’ve had more than £30,000 in donations through Facebook.

They’re easy to set up – just click here if you’d like to set one up too. You set a goal, share it with your friends and hopefully they’ll start donating. Facebook will give you some tips on making it a success, but if you need more advice on how to get the most out of it, please read our blog.

I’ve set myself the goal of £200 but I hope I can raise more. Already my friends and I have donated £125 and there’s a week to go before it ends. They’ll get reminders on my birthday itself to donate, so I’m sure the total will go up.

Martlets needs our help

You can choose thousands of charities close to your heart to set up a fundraiser for. But I chose Martlets.

I am incredibly lucky to work here. Every day, I get to see the huge impact that Martlets has – on patients, on their families and the community of Brighton and Hove. A lot of my friends have seen or experienced the vital work Martlets do – so I was sure to get their support.

Martlets is there when people need us most. We provide a lifeline for people living through terminal illness in our area – so that they can live with hope, purpose and possibility.

Right now, more than ever, it’s local charities that need our support. The impact of a global pandemic will hit all of us hard – but so far we are already seeing key fundraising activities cancelled, shops closed and donations going down. The small donations my friends make will add up to help keep Martlets caring.

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