Since March 2020, coronavirus has completely changed the way we deliver our care to people living with terminal illness.    

The overwhelming support we’ve received from our community has kept Martlets caring. Although lockdown is easingbeing able to plan and deliver care will take some time to go ‘back to normal. Which is why Martlets has launched its Facing the Future Together campaign. 

We know that everybody across our region is facing a very different future to the one we imagined.  

But we believe that together we can face this future with Hope, purpose and possibility.

We hope that one day our nurses will be able to deliver care without masks or visors; that our patients will again see their smiles and feel comforted.

It's our purpose to provide care and support to our community as it faces the losses this pandemic has brought.

And we believe it is possible to face the future together to make it a better one.

To enable Martlets to keep caring for the rest of 2020 and beyond we are asking our supporters to make a regular donation and help us to Face the Future, Together. 

Regular donations are vital right now, with fundraising events cancelled and our shops unable to trade at the same capacity. We face a significant shortfall in funding for the rest of the year.

A regular gift means that we can confidently plan and manage our services throughout the pandemic. With a regular income we can start to look at how we can develop and deliver our services using new technology. Our patients can speak to friends and loved ones at the touch of a button. Outpatient services and bereavement support offered to all who need it, virtually. Regular support means that we can be certain we can purchase essential supplies to keep our patients and staff safe, today, tomorrow and days ahead.

Your regular gift will keep Martlets caring.

We know that we are asking at a difficult time, but if you are able to make a regular gift to help us Face the Future Martlets will be able to keep caring for every patient with a terminal illness in our community throughout the pandemic and beyond.

£5 a month helps patients stay in touch with their family and friends using new video calling technology

£15 a month covers a Hospice at Home visit meaning our patients can remain in the comfort of their own homes.

£50 a month helps to cover the costs of essential medical supplies such as PPE, bandages and syringes for each patient.

If you are unable to commit to a regular donation but would like to support the Facing the Future campaign with a single gift, please donate here.