#BeMoreSnailDay success across Brighton and Hove

#BeMoreSnailDay success across Brighton and Hove

Last Friday we encouraged everyone in Brighton and Hove to take part in our #BeMoreSnailDay. In this fast-paced city, it’s often hard to remember to slow down and appreciate the things in life that make us smile.

On #BeMoreSnailDay, we invited everyone to take the slow lane and reflect in a way personal to them – perhaps trying a ‘digital detox’, spending time in nature, practising mindfulness, or enjoying quality time with friends and family.

It’s a philosophy that resonates with the work we do at Martlets. Our life-changing hospice care helps people do the things they love with the time they have. People from all over the city threw themselves into being more snail in any and every way possible.

Schools and Nurseries

Local primary school St Nicolas and St Mary held a Snail-themed dress up day to raise money for Martlets. St Mary’s Catholic School had a cake sale with some truly SNAILtastic cakes. Shoreham College conducted a Snail’s paced autumn walk, and Each Peach Childcare had a PJ Day to help children and staff slow down and #BeMoreSnail.

Local Businesses

Snailspace sponsors from across the city also found ways to slow down to a snail’s pace. Loch Associatesset up a Selfie Station at their Snail Saffron, encouraging passers-by to take a moment and suggest their favourite ways to #BeMoreSnail. Brandwatch partnered with the British Airways i360 to offer a Sky-High Meditation session. R T Williams, joint sponsors of Disco Snail, had a Snail-themed coffee morning with an impressive range of Snail-shaped treats. Also, the sponsors of Home Sweet HomeLawton and Dawe, decided to open the office an hour late so that they could enjoy a coffee in the park with their colleagues.

Martlets Hospice

Of course, Martlets Hospice had to lead by example!

We had several complementary therapy sessions available free-of-charge to hardworking staff and volunteers throughout the day. Practitioners donated their time and expertise to help us all #BeMoreSnail. As a result, people could choose from an Energetic Facial Release, mindfulness session, gentle yoga, a replenishing hand massage, acupuncture or reiki.

Staff and volunteers baked cakes and brought them into our #BeMoreSnail afternoon tea, where everyone was treated to a performance by the Martlets ‘Good Vibrations’ Choir. There was even an incredible Snail cake donated by Brighton chocolatier ChoccyWoccyDoodah!

Martlets charity shops also entered into the spirit of the day – spreading the #BeMoreSnail message with stickers and sweets at the till points, Snail pictures to colour in, and mindfulness messages around the walls.

And not forgetting Fatboy Slow…

Fatboy Slim became Fatboy Slow for the day as he took on a fundraising challenge for Martlets. In one day, Norman Cook visited all 50 Snails, walked 26 miles and raised £5,318 for Martlets.

#BeMoreSnailDay with Fatboy Slim snail

Although not every day can be quite as slow and gentle as #BeMoreSnailDay, we hope everyone is able to carry this special day with them and remember to be a little more snail, a little more often.

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Published 23/10/2018