Give a Gift to Martlets This Christmas

What will you be putting under the tree this Christmas?

If you could give just one extra gift this year, then give something that will make a real difference to another local family.

A £20 Christmas donation to the hospice could pay for one hour of rehabilitation care, improving the quality of life for someone from the Brighton & Hove area who is living with a terminal illness.  

Denise has been cared for by Martlets since 2004, receiving treatment in the comfort of her own home.    She said, “Christmas is a very difficult time for anyone facing an uncertain future. You think to yourself, ‘Will this be the last one, will I ever see those Christmas decorations again?’

“In the worst, darkest period, I was in pain and finding it hard to cope with my feelings of hopelessness.  I couldn’t face Christmas at all. How could I look forward, when I felt I had nothing to look forward to?  How could I accept cards, wishing me a Happy New Year? I didn’t even want to put the Christmas tree up and every card went straight in the bin.  

“My life as it is today, alongside really good clinical treatment, is thanks to the emotional support and care I received from Martlets.  They helped me to rebuild my life, when I felt that I had no future to look forward to. It wasn’t just me they helped, but they also supported the rest of the family when things were really tough for us.  It was like a huge warm hug, wrapping itself around me and lifting me up when things looked very bleak.

“Everyone knows of someone who has had their lives touched by cancer or a life-threatening illness.  £20 is such a small gift to give, but it will help people like me to live with and cope with illness.  It’s not much to allow someone the chance to feel safe and to finally start to look forward again.”

Our CEO, Imelda Glackin said, “As a charity we rely on the generosity of the people of Brighton & Hove to be able to provide hospice care to local families.  It’s your support that provides the rehabilitation that is needed to help someone to feel more comfortable or the counselling that enables people like Denise to see the way forward.

“It’s all about helping people to live their lives, allowing them to achieve more and make happy memories with their families. 

“At Christmas that’s especially important.  So please do remember to put a life-changing gift under your tree for Martlets this year.

“Thank you and Merry Christmas from all the team here at Martlets!”

To donate to Martlets this Christmas visit