Is Rosie Snowdogs by the Sea’s number one supporter?

Our Snowdogs by the Sea trail has been taken Brighton & Hove by storm with thousands of people walking the trail and supporting Martlets.

One avid supporter of our Snowdogs is Rosie who is staying at the Martlets. She’s been collecting the miniature Snowdogs since the start of the trail.

“I bought Sparky first, then I thought he looked a bit lonely, so I got Gizmo, I do love a bit of bling! My kids keep buying them for me now, whenever the Martlets shop has a new one in they buy it. They got me Snowbrador and then it all kind of went from there, once I’d got two or three I had to keep going.”

Rosie has even painted her own mini Snowdog with Joanna Martin, one of the Snowdogs artists who also works at Martlets. He’s sprayed a glittery purple with a silver tail and nose and has even had some socks knitted for his ears by one of our nurses!

Rosie is pictured above with her purple Snowdog Cesar and a silver Snowdog knitted for her by one of our nurses.

“I can’t get out to see the Snowdogs myself but my friends have send me loads of pictures, each time they spot a new one I get a picture.

For me it’s all about raising money for Martlets, I’ve been staying here for nearly two months and when I first came here I felt like I was at deaths door. But they’ve been amazing, sorted my medication, looked after me, they’re here for me. Whatever I need. I can’t fault them. I think the Snowdogs are so lovely, so cute, and all the money goes to Martlets, so it’s a good cause.

“Two weeks ago I was really ill, no-one thought I’d make my son’s wedding so they arranged a blessing here in the Sanctuary. All my family came, and instead of exchanging rings, which I didn’t want them to do then, they exchanged little glass hearts.”

Rosie’s son got married at the weekend and she was able to go. Not only that, but as the wedding was at Brighton Town Hall she met Koinu Yakuza, our Snowdog in Bartholomew Square.

Sadly Rosie passed away in our in patient unit just before Christmas 2016.