Mindfulness at Martlets

We’re pleased to announce we have launched weekly mindfulness sessions for our staff and volunteers.

The sessions are open to everyone, whether they’re complete beginners or regularly practice mindfulness, asking them to take 20 minutes out of their day to refresh themselves and renew their energy.

Staff and volunteers are invited to sit together in our hospice sanctuary and be guided through the session by our mindfulness leader, Emerald.

Emerald already kindly volunteers as our mindfulness leader for our Day Services sessions which our outpatients find very helpful and uplifting. As a result of how successful these sessions are we are now trialing mindfulness sessions for staff and volunteers to see if they can also benefit.

Donna Grout, Digital Communications Officer said, “I’d never tried mindfulness before – although I’d heard quite a lot about it. I’m not great at focusing my mind, I’m often thinking about lots of things at once. These mindfulness sessions are really helpful in getting me to slow down.”