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In Hope and Harmony


Members of Martlets’ Good Vibrations choir are making a colourful patchwork quilt to reflect life in lockdown over the past year

Carrie and Allan


Carrie is a member of our choir and a volunteer in our Day Services team. Her partner Allan is currently receiving care from Martlets “Allan had radiotherapy at the Royal Sussex and while I was waiting for him I saw a poster on the wall about the choir at Martlets. I love to sing and I thought I’ll go and ...

Outpatient and community

  Supportive care, and community and outpatient services What we offer Since the onset of the Covid pandemic, we have been running our social and wellbeing groups online. If you are new to Zoom videoconferencing, fear not! Our team of volunteers will help you get set up and show you how to use the software. It’s very simple. You’ll be sent a link in an email to join a video call which ...