Shadow shift application

Before completing this application please be aware that your travel costs and hours worked will not be paid by Martlets.

If you have any questions please contact, this mailbox isn’t monitored daily so please allow 72 hours for a response.

Very good experience in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Job information

  • Please give dates of your mandatory training
  • Person centred holistic care will be the focus of the shift, covering areas below:

    • Communication/Assessment
    • Pain
    • Breathlessness
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Agitation
    • Respiratory secretions
    • Mouth care/ Eating and drinking
    • Bowel and bladder care
    • Spirituality

    The mentor will discuss and show you where possible the methods and tools used to assess, monitor, identify and record important information. They will be able to help you identify when and who to call for assistance.

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