Shopping safely

Our shops re-open on Monday 12th April. Please see the below guidance on shopping safely with us

  • Let’s give each other space. We have two metre floor markers throughout our stores and at point of sale. Please respect staff and shoppers and keep your distance. Perspex screens have also been installed at the checkouts.
  • Card and contactless payments only. We want to reduce the risks associated with handling and exchanging cash. The £5 minimum card spend has been removed for the time being.
  • One in, one out. We are strictly limiting the number of customers in store at any one time. A notice at the shop entrance will state how many customers may enter in total. We may operate a ‘one in, one out’ policy if the store is at capacity. Hand sanitiser will be available for customer use on entering the store.
  • Distanced queuing. All shops will have a designated queuing area outside. Please respect other people’s personal space by keeping a two metre distance.
  • We are quieter early in the morning and late afternoon. If you want to avoid queuing, try coming in a little earlier in the day or later in the afternoon.
  • How and what to donate. We would love to receive good quality saleable items such as clothes, but we expect to be very busy, so it is highly advisable to call and make sure we have capacity to take your items. A list of what we are accepting is available here. We are not able to accept items such as DVDs, CDs, books, bedding, and larger pieces of furniture, as well as the items we are usually unable to accept, due to the measures we’re taking to be COVID secure. All donated goods are placed in quarantine for at least 72 hours before sale to minimise any risk to customers.
  • Handling goods. We recommend customers refrain from handling goods they do not intend to purchase and wash their purchased items when they get home.
  • Leave your bag. Please bring your donations with you in a bag you're happy to leave with us.

Please DO NOT LEAVE DONATIONS OUTSIDE our shops or the retail warehouse.

Find our list of open shops here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve included below some frequently asked questions about the reopening of our shops and retail warehouse.

Why are you opening the retail warehouse and Peacehaven store first? 

They are larger sites, with good space to implement effective social distancing measures.

How will you keep your shop staff and volunteers safe? 

Our staff and volunteers are from a wide range of age and backgrounds and their health and wellbeing is key. At this time, we have decided not to ask any volunteers to return to our shops. All our staff who are working with us have been consulted on risk assessments, which you can read here. No-one will be placed at unmitigated risk. Our customers following the guidance will also help ensure we keep people safe.

Some local charity shops are not opening yet to protect staff and customers. Why is Martlets going ahead so quickly? 

Our trading operation helps provide vital income to enable us to deliver life-changing hospice care. We believe our plans and the slow phase of reopening best enables us to operate safely during these challenging times. We will review this at regular intervals and hope that our customers will work with us to ensure a safe shopping experience.

Aren’t you going to be inundated with stuff that people have been clearing out during the lockdown? 

We are reducing the opening hours of our retail warehouse and have some very clear guidance on what we can and can’t accept. Quality saleable items such as clothing and accessories, bric-a-brac and homeware, and vinyl records are most welcome. We are not able to accept items such as DVDs, CDs, books, bedding, and larger pieces of furniture due to the measures we are taking to be COVID secure.

Have your staff been wearing gloves and using hand sanitiser while working at the retail warehouse? 

Our staff at the retail warehouse have been wearing gloves and using sanitiser, in addition to regular hand washing. They also keep at least two metres apart at all times. All donated goods are placed in quarantine for 72 hours to minimise any risk.

How we are managing risk

We have provided copies of our Risk Assessments below.