Eric and Joan

Eric is an outpatient at Martlets and has been receiving care for heart disease for a few months.

I was recommended to come here by my GP about three months ago, following a fairly intensive period of illness; I think the GP thought I needed a bit of a psychological boost so she suggested trying Martlets. I feel very fortunate and privileged to have been in that position at the time, very lucky, because once you’re here and in this environment, everything is happy and upbeat, and everyone is smiling and it’s a wonderful place. 

Martlets is a life changer 

Both my wife and I have engaged in complementary services – massage, and the sound bath was terrific, a wonderful experience. 

Before I’d started to come here I’d become almost immobile, my range of travel was very limited and hence I used to spend a lot of time sitting at the table reading the newspaper and watching the television, but now it’s given me something to look forward to and making the effort to go out for. Recently a group of us from Martlets had a trip out to the Dyke pub up on the downs which was great.  

I believe what Martlets offers is a life-changer if you approach it in the right way with a positive attitude. There’s certainly been some very positive gains for me.

Mythbusting Martlets 

As a local, born and bred in Brighton, the name Martlets used to have a negative connotation – it was a hospice where people went to expire. Obviously it’s changed a lot since those days and it’s now expanded its services and there’s much more positive thinking and engagement with people who need their attention. 

His wife Joan has also been receiving support

Coming to Martlets has definitely changed Eric; it’s been great for him, he’s come out of a depressed state and transferred his thoughts from being down to being more upbeat, which is easier to live with! I’m included in everything here as a carer. I had a friend in here and a couple of friends who are volunteers so I knew how much they cared, but didn’t know that all of these services existed like massage and the sound bath. 

The coffee mornings are wonderful and it’s down to the likes of the volunteers, Pauline and Andy, who run them. They are smiling all the time, it’s them that makes it so good. You come in and no-one’s ever grumpy, they make you feel good.