Mother’s Day: When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

Jane, our Counselling and Bereavement Services Manager, shares her thoughts and a poem around Mother’s Day. 

“As Mother’s Day approaches and we can see and feel the hope and optimism that the change of season from winter to spring offers, I think of all those colourful bunches of daffodils and spring flowers we give to our mothers.

It feels so joyful and uplifting.

And for those who have lost their mother or who are a mother whose child has died, be it as a child or an adult, this day of celebrating our Mums can be a sad day tinged with loss and longing and memories. I came across this poem that was written by a parent before they died.

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me – David Romano 

When tomorrow starts without me

And I’m not there to see;

If the sun should rise and find your eyes

All filled with tears for me;

I know how much you love me,

As much as I love you,

And each time that you think of me,

I know you’ll miss me too

So when tomorrow starts without me,

Don’t think we’re far apart,

For every time you think of me,

I’m right here, in your heart.

Maybe each of you who are remembering your Mum on Mother’s Day can fondly recall a memory of her and hold the love and connection you have for one another close.”

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