Apprenticeships at work

Doing an apprenticeship at Martlets

It is National Apprenticeship Week and this year’s theme is ‘Build the Future’. This week aims to highlight the benefits apprenticeships can have on individuals, businesses, and local communities. At Martlets we currently have three apprentices within the organisation. Shannon Gordon, our Digital Marketing Apprentice, tells us about her experience working at Martlets.

At Martlets, we are very keen to support people, in particular young people in our community. We aim to help them gain valuable work experience while also encouraging our own employees to gain additional skills. Apprenticeships are a great paid work opportunity for people over the age of 16. They are for people who could be starting out, looking to upskill their current job or looking for a change. Shannon joined the Marketing team back in July 2021 as her start for a career in marketing.

Choosing to do an apprenticeship

“After finishing University, I knew I wanted to go into marketing. But I didn’t have any real-world experience to help me land a job. I did a short Digital Marketing course which opened me up to the idea of doing an apprenticeship.

The main thing that made me want to do an apprenticeship was idea that I could earn while I was studying. Without this benefit, continuing to study would be impossible. This apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to pursue a career I want to do without having to worry.

Being able to experience the workplace compared to being in a classroom, has really helped build my confidence. I find learning on the job helpful to understand what you are doing. With an apprenticeship you get to ease into a new environment with lots of support around you. Having both the team at Martlets and the college support me, has been a real benefit in helping me get to grips with the job.”

Applying for an apprenticeship

“When I saw this role on the website, I thought it would be the perfect fit. I was drawn to this role as the apprenticeship offered a wide range of opportunities. After reading more about what Martlets does, I was eager to work for them.

Martlets has a big presence within the local community, I knew doing marketing with them would be an amazing opportunity. Having moved to Brighton a few years ago for University and having no family in the area I had no connection to Martlets.

However, when I first moved here, the thing I remember noticing was the Snowdogs that were all around the city. This made me curious and led me to learn about Martlets. Before starting my apprenticeship, I worked in a Fish and Chip shop which took part in Martlets Chip-In Day. This allowed me to hear stories from the customers donating on how Martlets had helped their families. This really opened my eyes to how important the work they do is. I wanted to help the teams at Martlets promote all the things they do. Also, I’d get a great start to my career working for an amazing charity.”

My day-to-day at Martlets

“My week starts by looking at our social media posts from the previous week. I analyse how well they performed online, track our following and use the data to see what can be improved. Also I have learnt to analyse trends and keep up with the latest social media updates and look for new ways to engage with our community.

After looking at the analytics I plan for the week ahead. I start to map out what social media posts need to go out for the week. Additionally, I make graphics, edit photos, upload blogs and find things that can be used to enhance the posts.

Throughout the week I am managing the social media pages doing things like responding to comments. Whilst also working on content for social media and our website such as interviewing people for our blog posts.

One day a week I spend at college, this is spent learning the theory behind what I do. Throughout the apprenticeship I am working on building a portfolio and preparing for exams I will complete after each module. The portfolio and exams, combined with what I do at Martlets all goes towards getting my level 3 digital marketing qualification.

By the end, I hope to achieve my qualification and be confident in what I do. I’d love to continue my role at Martlets and hopefully expand my knowledge into other forms of marketing.”

Build the future

“Starting in the middle of the pandemic was a bit tricky. Not only did I have to get used to working in a new environment but also navigate working from home. But my team have been supportive in helping me get to grips with it. However, keeping my dog quiet during meetings is still a challenge!

I would definitely recommend considering an apprenticeship to anyone wanting to start a career or looking to change jobs. At times it can be tough but it’s a great way to learn new skills in your chosen field and gain experience in real world situations. It has been invaluable learning from people who excel at their jobs. I feel by the end of my apprenticeship I will be well prepared and confident for what I take on next.”

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