Four items of retro tech we’d love you to donate

Retro is soooooo today. We want you to pull down your loft ladders and dig out these items to donate to Martlets.

Remember your Atari console? Or having a Ninetendo Game and Watch? You may think of them as little more than junk now, but that junk can make a huge difference.

Every week we list hundreds of items in our eBay store and we’re finding retro technology is now more than ever providing us with the pounds we need to power life-changing hospice care.

If you think you might have one of these five items, or similar, lurking in your loft – then please get in touch.

1. Retro Computers

retro zx spectrum

Remember the Sinclair QL, commodore 64, ZX spectrum? We want them all.

We’ve had some great success selling computers like these and we’re always on the look out for more.

2. 80s Consoles

retro game boy

In recent years, we’ve seen re-releases of old consoles – like the SNES and the Sega Megadrive. These are great – but we also want the original’s you’ve been hanging onto.

Did you have a Nintendo NES, Sega Mastersystem or an original Gameboy? Start looking. We can generate them into an online sale – and use it to fund our care.

3. Sony Walkmans

retro walkman

Think you might have a walkman lurking around somewhere? Dig it out and get donating.

Buyers are crying out for their own walkman – the pinnacle of cool that changed portable listening for ever.

4. Old cameras

retro camera

Got an old polaroid knocking about? We might be able to convert it into cash. We were recently donated this Kodak Instamatic. And it’s already drawing some interest from willing buyers…

These aren’t all. If you’ve got something you think we can sell, please get in touch with us. With shops across Brighton, Hove and neighbouring areas, and our online shops – we can recycle your goods for cash.