I feel like I’m making a difference

Trisha Rendel volunteers each week with the hospice’s Sow and Grow group, which gets patients out into the fresh air tending to plants and seedlings. Trisha has volunteered in a number of different ways for Martlets, having originally signed-up as a Snowdogs Trailmaker two years ago.

“I’d help out with the Snowdogs at weekends and it was such good fun. We’d be given either the north or the south route and would set off to visit each of the Snowdogs and would give them a quick wipe over if they were mucky.  Even on the rainy days, when we thought there would be no-one around, it was very busy. There were so many questions from visitors and everyone said how fabulous they were.  It was an amazing community event and I’d love to be involved with the Snails later this year. 

The Volunteer Team lets me know when they need me; so I get to help out with lots of different things and I do what I can in my spare time.  Last year I heard that the hospice was setting up a Sow and Grow group; I used to have my own gardening business, so I said that I had experience and signed-up straightaway. 

The group meets regularly to sow seeds, transplant seedlings and talk about plants, it’s all very social so there’s always lots of chat going on and we finish with a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake! 

It’s good to get everyone outside in the hospice’s gardens and some of the plants that we grow are sold to raise money at the Open Day in June. It’s also good for the carers to have the chance to have a break. 

I’ve met some really nice people whilst I’ve been volunteering at Martlets; everyone is so friendly here and you feel like you are appreciated.  As a volunteer you’re not looking for a big thank you; but you do want to feel like you’ve made a difference and I certainly do here.”