I’m doing something for the local community

Bridget Westerman (74) has been volunteering for Martlets for 21 years. She visits the hospice once a week to create beautiful flower arrangements and table decorations for the patients and their visitors.  

“In 1991 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. When I was better I felt that helping at the hospice would be my way to do something for the local community; I wanted to give something back. Later on I had jaw cancer, which meant a big reconstruction operation, but as soon as I was able I returned to continue my volunteering at Martlets.

I’m an artist and I do the flowers for my Church; I adore doing anything creative so it’s something I really enjoy.  Sometimes we receive some large displays, so I make them into smaller arrangements to put in the public areas and the patients’ rooms.  

I often spend time talking with the patients; it’s really rewarding to feel that I might have cheered someone up with just a smile and a little chat. 

We are very fortunate as a community to have Martlets; it’s a wonderful place full of love, peace and kindness. I feel that it is a great honour and privilege for me to be able to be here helping people.”