It keeps me active

Val Persaud (79) has been volunteering for Martlets for more than twenty years. She’s worked in several of our charity shops and has, for the last sixteen years, been helping out behind the scenes in its warehouse with the important task of sorting up the clothes that have been donated. 

“I open up the bags and sort through the clothes as we receive them, hanging them up and steaming them so that they look lovely and are ready for the shops. 

Sometimes we find wonderful clothes that haven’t even been worn; we’ve had genuine Gucci and Jaeger but we do have to watch out for the fakes too. 

You really never know what you’re going to find when you open a bag – sometimes it can be quite a surprise!

I love volunteering, it’s something I’ve always done because it keeps me busy and active. I’m here three times a week and it takes me an hour to get here, on two different buses, so I must really enjoy it! 

I’ve made lots of friends whilst volunteering and I feel like I’m really doing something useful for the community.  I love it.” 

If you are interested in volunteering in the Martlets warehouse then come along to its Open Day on 30 June. For more details contact Sarah by email: or call her on 07823344723.