Kim volunteers in our Blatchington Road Shop

Kim volunteers in our Blatchington Road shop

Kim puts her ‘retail gene’ to good use volunteering in our Blatchington Road shop. She tells us why she enjoys helping out in her local Martlets store and how if you have a few hours to spare, it could be just for you.

“I love helping out in the shop – it’s just around the corner from where I live and I’ve been volunteering for five years now. I have what you might call the ‘retail gene’ in me – I’m one of those people who just loves fiddling and arranging bits and pieces and sorting stuff. Before volunteering, I used to work in retail so I love that volunteering at Martlets still gives me that connection with the community. I absolutely love it and get lost in the Bric-a-brac!

It’s so exciting when it all comes in from the distribution centre in cardboard boxes all wrapped up in newspaper. You just never know what you’ll find – it’s incredible what people will donate. I enjoy arranging it all and making it look attractive so that something might catch the eye of a customer. Then they’ll give something a new lease of life. From time to time, we’ll have an amazing piece from a designer which is worth quite a lot more than the average bric-a-brac. The more valuable stuff tends to be sold online from our warehouse, but sometimes you’ll pick up something amazing from the shop too.

Kim pointing to the shelves in our Blatchington Road Shop

If you’re thinking of volunteering in one of the shops it’s a great way to meet people. Also Martlets really look after us all. You’ll get plenty of training and lots of tea and biscuits!

There are lots of different tasks that need doing from working on the till to steaming, pricing and sorting. It’s just great for getting out of the house and having that connection with local people. We have our regulars who love to come in and chat. I’m a dog lover and we have some regular dogs that come into the shop too. They’re allowed in if they are well-behaved, and I’ll give them a treat. It makes my day and theirs! It’s just a lovely community feeling.

Everyone here is so friendly and supportive and you’ll be welcomed into the team. So do think about giving it a go. You don’t need previous retail experience and Martlets will make sure you get all the help and support you need to settle in.”

Kim volunteering in our Blatchington Shop

Could you volunteer for us at Martlets?

Throughout March our volunteering team will be holding a series of events in our wonderful shops. They are inviting the local community to drop in, say hello, and learn more about volunteering at Martlets. The team will be encouraging visitors to take part in their ‘dress the mannequin challenge’ and to talk to existing volunteers about their experience.

  • 10am-3pm Saturday 11 March – Martlets, 89-90, London Road, Brighton, BN1 4JF.
  • 10am-3pm Thursday 16 March – Martlets, 71, Western Road, Brighton, BN1 2HA.
  • 10am-3pm Saturday 18 March – 87, Blatchington Road, Hove, BN3 3YG.

Your time is priceless. As part of #TeamMartlets, you’ll play a crucial part in keeping your local hospice caring. If you’d like to feel like Kim and connect with your community, why not try a trial shift at your local Martlets shop? Whatever your experience and skills, we’ll help you find a Martlets volunteer role that suits you. For more information, contact our volunteering services team on 01273 021549 or