Great Mates Golf Day

The Great Mates Cup

On July 9th Paul hosted the Great Mates Cup at the Mid Sussex Golf Club. This was a charity golf day that Paul has been running for the past five years in memory of his ‘great mates’. Every year the proceedings are split between two charities, one of which is always Martlets.

The event first started back in 2016 when one of the golf society members and best friend, Stephen Watson sadly passed away. Since then, Paul and his great mates; John, Neville and Perry decided to get together each year to remember him.

Stephen’s ‘Great Mates’

“Stephen was a bit of a character, everyone was his ‘great mate’.”

“He truly was a person you wanted to be with and is still missed especially when the society gather at Oakhampton every year where everyone shouts out his mad quotes.”

Stephen was well known for his mad quotes. This is how the event got its name as Stephen called everyone his ‘great mate’. So it was only right to name the cup after that, the Great Mate Cup.

Each year the event gets bigger, and more people have joined the team. Alfie, Jeremy and Chris all joined to help get this mammoth task all together.

Sadly, the society lost another member and friend back 2019, Matt Reed. Therefore the event is now run in his memory too and name has changed to the Great Mates Cup.

“Matt simply has to be one of the nicest people anyone could have known.”

The event is the perfect opportunity for Paul and his mates to get together to remember their friends. As well as raising money for different causes each year.

Strength to Strength

The society has gone from strength to strength raising money for different causes each year. This year the proceeds were split between Loui Legend, a young boy who needs surgery in America and Martlets.

Every year the proceeds go to Martlets due to club’s personal connection the hospice. Paul’s dad and one of the players received end of life care from our hospice team. This year they raised an amazing total of £2,754 for Martlets and £1,754 for Loui.

“I appreciate everyone who came along and made this possible. This cannot be done without the generosity of the players with raffle prizes, various donations and sponsors.”

Around 79 people attended the event. Unfortunately, the pandemic meant that were restrictions on how many people could attend. However, this did not stop event from being a success and Paul is hoping for an even bigger event next year.

The Copper Putt

Paul and many in the society are plumbing and heating engineers. This has led to a tradition of finding the last place contestant using the copper putter. The guys have a putt-off to decide last place using a copper putter made from pipes.

The person who loses the game is known as the ‘muggy chap’ until next year. As a result, they must return the putt the following year in the hopes of losing the name.

“I appreciate everyone who came along after this difficult year to support the event and I am hoping for even bigger things next year”

Of course the day was full of ‘golfing banter’ and it was lovely way to remember for the society to remember their great mates.

Ways to Support

We would like to say a big thank you to Paul and his friends for all the support over the years. We are looking forward to next year.

If you would like to support Martlets please donate here.

If you would like to host your own fundraising event here are some ideas on how to fundraise with us.

Please tell us about any fundraising events you are planning.