Inside our furniture warehouse

Why I work for Martlets trading

Karen Bentley is our distribution centre manager, helping support our eight Martlets shops. For Hospice Care Week 2022, Karen talks about her experiences in Martlets trading.

Behind our shop on Old Shoreham Road is our warehouse, and that’s where I work. I have worked as the Distribution Centre Manager at Martlets for a few years now. In the warehouse, we sort and distribute stock to our shops, as well as arranging furniture collections. This helps us raise money for patient care in the hospice and the community.  

My role is really varied – and that’s what I like most about it. It involves a lot of problem solving and thinking on my feet. I have to be very prepared to change my day, as what I set out in the morning to achieve might be overtaken by something new. That’s the fun of working in a warehouse environment. 

Working with volunteers 

A big part of my day is working with the volunteers who give their time to help sort stock in our warehouse. I love this part of my job! Without volunteers we couldn’t do what we do, so I make sure they feel welcome and supported.  

It’s really important to me that I know our volunteers, so I take some time to understand their stories and why they volunteer for us. I make sure I say hello in the morning, say goodbye and say thanks for what they do. I want all our volunteers to feel like they’re a valued part of our team, because they are.  

Karen Bentley Trading Warehouse Manager

How your donations make a difference 

The work I do is about making sure our shops raise as much money as possible for Martlets. Every penny we raise is more money into the pot that funds life-changing hospice care. This is why I love working for a charity – because I know my work makes a difference. 

Our shops are also a place where people can connect to Martlets and learn more about us. We are based across communities in the city. People often pop into their local shops to feel close to Martlets, especially if they have lost a loved one.  

We also make a difference to addressing climate change. Most of our goods are second-hand, so we stop a lot of things going to landfill. We also recycle donations that we can’t sell, making sure we don’t throw too much away. If you have things to donate, our website shows what we can and can’t accept.  

Driving ambition? 

In my role I work closely with our van drivers, who collect furniture donations. They are a very vital part of our team.  

If you are looking for a new role, this could be for you. All we are looking for is people who are confident drivers, with a clean licence and able to lift and carry donated stock. You can find out more about this role on our application website. 

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Published 14/10/2022