Top five items you didn’t know you could find in Martlets charity shop

We went searching through some of our Martlets Charity Shops to remind people about the amazing items you can find at charity shops! Don’t believe us…keep reading

1. That coat that transitions perfectly from winter to spring.

A coat is still a must when leaving the house this cold February!

In every Martlets Charity shop, there are a huge selection of coats and jackets. From super warm hooded waterproofs to little leather jackets perfect for date night.

These two beautiful coats, that we think are that perfect warm coat that will carry you through to spring, were #FoundInMartlets at our Church Street Shop.

Don’t worry – you can find a selection of coats for all ages and genders.

2. A pair of sassy knee-high boots

These kitten heel boots were #FoundInMartlets at our London Road Shop! (If you’re a size 39 and have £5…run!)

Knee-high boots are a wardrobe essential and these are just perfect. Plus, they come without the high street price tag.

Boots aren’t your thing? These were just one of many pairs of shoes spotted. From ankle-boots, walking boots and everything in between.

It is definitely worth the search when you can find a pair of boots like these for just £5!

3. A cheetah print skirt you didn’t know you needed

This beautiful little skirt that’s soft and cheetah, looks like its from any high street giant!

This skirt (apart from it being fabulous) in our top picks as a reminder. You can find on trend items in Martlets Charity Shops. With the bonus of a small price and giving money to support life-changing hospice care throughout Brighton and Hove.

#FoundInMartlets at our London Road Shop!

4. A one-off charity shop gem!

This beautiful green floor length dress was #FoundInMartlets at our London Road shop.

Do you hate turning up wearing the same dress as someone else? This amazing silk patterned dress is the perfect example of the one of a kind finds you can discover in Martlets Charity shops.

In need of a formal dress? All of our Charity Shops stock formal wear, in particular, our Church Street Branch which has a rail filled with formal dresses.

5. This work or weekend black blazer

This black cord blazer was #FoundInMartlets at the Western Road Shop.

This perfect little jacket is just one example of the wide-ranging selection of work wear you can find at Martlets Charity Shops. Including men’s suit jackets, formal shoes, suit trousers and lots of blouses and shirts.

When you’re next shopping for work clothes remember to look in Martlets Charity Shops!

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