Why Christopher took on the iDrop for Martlets

Christopher Spokes took on the iDrop challenge to raise funds for Martlets last year. Here’s why he’d encourage you to give it a try

I have worked in the NHS for 21 years and seen at first hand the incredible work that hospices do supporting people and their families through a very difficult time. I’ve seen the positive impact that hospice care can offer.

But I became a passionate supporter of hospice care when I found out how little of the funding is provided centrally. For Martlets, this support amounts to 15% of what they need to continue providing life-changing care. It’s amazing how much the hospice must fundraise each and every week, just to be able to operate.

Why I decided on the iDrop

I had hoped to take part in the Brighton Triathlon but had to pull out because of an injury. But when the last-minute opportunity came up to take part in Martlets first iDrop, I jumped at the challenge. For me, this was an opportunity to take part in an exciting and thrilling adrenaline event, but also and more personally, force me to tackle a life-long fear of heights.  

I became increasingly nervous as the viewing gallery began to climb the tower and when it was my turn, to be honest, I was terrified!  I could so easily have declined, but I was determined to go through with the drop. I was determined to not let down the people who had generously sponsored me and more importantly, the people who could be helped with the money I was going to raise.

Stepping backwards off the platform was one of the most mentally challenging things I’ve done, but once I was out of the viewing gallery, the actual drop was exhilarating. The view was amazing and seeing my friends waiting for me below was so exciting. I forgot about my fear – I was too busy waving, shouting and having a great time!

I’d definitely do it again

I’d definitely do it again and would encourage other people to overcome their fear and take the plunge. When I did the iDrop, I did it during the morning. But you now have a chance to complete it at twilight.

Doing the iDrop will create amazing memories and support the important, life-changing work undertaken by the team at Martlets.

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