Charity shops can help save the planet

Charity shops can help save the planet

Are you looking to do your part to help save the planet? If you’re stuck on how to start, why not consider shopping with your local charity shop. Instead of throwing away your clothes, donate them to Martlets shops.

How can charity shops help save the planet? Shopping secondhand is a great way to help the planet and support your local community too.

Did you know that the fashion industry is the 2nd worst polluter in the world? With the availability of cheap clothing, it’s now easier than ever to buy an item, wear it once and throw it away. With the rise in online shopping, you can get tons of bargains at your fingertips, sometimes without even leaving the house.

However, this easy access results in the fashion industry having a huge negative impact on the planet. Last October it was reported that the UK sent 235 million items of clothing to landfill in 2017 and that’s just the clothes. There’s plastic-filled packaging and labels that you might struggle to recycle too.

Stop throwing clothes away

If you’re shocked by these stats, you can make easy changes to prevent contributing to the problem. Next time you go to bin a pair of jeans or shoes you no longer need, stop yourself before they reach your bin.

If the item is broken beyond repair, you can still recycle it at your local clothing bank. Brighton and Hove residents can find more information about them here.

Throwing items away not only harms the planet but it a waste especially when there is a demand!

Donate to Martlets

The Marie Kondo effect may have already got some of you donating extra to our shops, but here’s an extra plea to save the planet this January – please stop throwing your clothes away.

We’re astounded by the many great donations we receive for our shops for quality and often unworn clothing. So next time you regret a purchase you can no longer return, have worn something too many times or it doesn’t make the cut after your spring clean: donate to your local charity shop!

Donate to our shops

Love shopping?

An easy step towards being more conscious whilst shopping…shop at charity shops! Someone else’s unwanted item can be another person’s treasure! You can always find some special and unique items at charity shops, and there’s plenty throughout the city.

Don’t believe us? Shopping at Martlets Charity Shop’s, you are not only doing a little for the planet but donating to Martlets and helping them continue to provide life-changing hospice care.

Looking for the perfect gift? We’ve partnered with The Charity Shop Gift Card which are now available to buy and redeem in our charity shops. So you can encourage other’s to help save the planet too.

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Published 05/02/2019