Ten ways you can fundraise for Martlets

Throughout the year, we’re lucky to meet so many passionate fundraisers who run marathons, take on superhero assault courses and much more to raise funds for Martlets. But taking part in one of our fundraising events is just one of the many ways you can fundraise for Martlets Hospice.

If you’re looking to support us, here are ten ways you can. With just 15% of our funds coming from the NHS, we are reliant on the support of our local community to continue to provide life-changing hospice care.

We have selected a range of events that can be done solo, with friends or colleges, during the day or night. So, there is guaranteed to be an option that fits your taste and schedule.


Take on a solo fundraising challenge…

1. Bake Sale

What is not to love about a bake sale? Making sweet treats, eating sweet treats and raising money at the same time!

If a solo daredevil challenge is not for you this could be the perfect challenge to take on to raise money.

 2. Head Shave

Our second solo fundraising challenge is slightly more daring than a bake sale…getting your friends, family and loved ones to sponsor you to shave your head!

Brave the shave and raise money for Martlets!

There are lot of ways to get inventive with a head shave to raise money…including charging people to watch the shave, requesting a sizable donation for the person doing the shave…


Want an easy fundraising challenge that involves your colleagues or classmates…

3. Dress down day

A dress down day is one of the easier methods to help raise funds for us. All you need is to gain your work or schools approval, arrange a date, then make sure everyone pays a pound.

It is a simple way to raise money and helps to raise awareness for Martlets.

If your work or college already casual, you could arrange a dress up day. Everyone loves a chance to get fancy.

4. Book sale

Got some books you want to get rid of? A book sale is another great way to raise money with your colleagues or classmates.

Get started by arranging a date, then get your colleagues or classmates all to bring in books. You might have a set sale price or price per book; either way can be effective.


A group, day time fundraising activity

5. Car wash

Charge your friends, family and neighbours to wash their cars! Make flyers or a Facebook event so people know when and where.

How to make this event more creative? Have the people washing cars in costume or swap the cars for furry friends…dogs!

6. Mini Sport Tournament

Football, rounders, netball…whatever sport you and your friends prefer. It works best with a minimum of four teams. You could charge participants or get an event sponsor (whether it’s family and friends, or a local business).

You could even level up your fundraising by combining fundraising events; a bake sale or a drinks table could make your efforts go further.

7. Open Garden

Open your beautiful garden to the public or just family and friends and charge entry.

To raise more money and make a day of it you can sell cakes and refreshments, play garden games and organise a raffle.

This fundraising idea is really flexible, it can be as big or small as you like, it could be themed and has the opportunity to be an amazing day and raise lots of money!


A fun evening with family and friends that can easily become a fundraiser…

 8. Quiz Night

A quiz night is a super easy, fun way to fundraise. It involves no costumes, or exercise, or cooking. And if you’re feeling like it – you could invite a wider audience than your family and friends. Speak to your local pub or community centre to see if they can host, put up flyers, and charge individuals to participate. Just make sure you don’t forget a prize for the winners!

 9. Bingo Night

Brighton line – number 59! Get planning a bingo night with family and friends and ask for a donation to take part. You could even host a different game or have multiple games to make a bigger event. You can sell popcorn and other sweet snacks and drinks to raise even more money

 10. Karaoke Night

Take your friends out for karaoke! Don’t think you could convince enough friends to sing karaoke? Swap the event and arrange a talent show! Have your colleagues or friends do their talent for everyone and make it a fundraiser by charging for tickets, drinks and snacks! This will be the perfect night to have a laugh with loved ones and raise some money for Martlets.

Has something sparked your interest? There are loads more ideas in our fundraising pack. Once you’ve got your event sorted, we look forward to hearing all about it! You can register your fundraiser by filling in this form on our website.

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